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SpeakComputer text to speech web browser

The text to speech web browser is a lightweight browser used to read text or selected text from web pages. Simply browse the web as you would with any web browser, when the page has loaded, select the text on the web page and click Speak. The web browser will attempt to read the selected text. The web browser only reads HTML text and some javascript. Some pages make use of complex scripting which the web browser will not be able to speak aloud.

Main Features include:
  • Speak, Pause and Stop
  • TTS Voice selector
  • Voice speak rate
  • Support of most natural sounding text to speech voices
  • Tabbed document interface
  • Export text to MP3 or WAV
  • Zoom
  • Back, Forward, Home, Print, Print Preview, Refresh, Stop

Starting the Text to Speech Web Browser.

On your desktop, double click the SpeakComputer icon.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech start icon

This open the main SpeakComputer software selector. Click on the Web Browser button to launch the text to speech web browser.

SpeakComputer Text to Speech software launch

The Web Browser starts with the window looking as below.

Text to Speech web browser main interface

Now you can surf the web as you would any web browser.

You can select text witihn the web page and click on the Speak button and the web browser will read aloud the selected text using the selected TTS voice at the choosen TTS voice speed.

Text to Speech web browser reads aloud selected text from web pages

You can select from pre-installed text to speech voices which voice you want the software to read. Please remember. All Text to Speech voices are language specific. That means an English Text to Speech voice only speaks English and a Spanish Text to Speech voice only speaks Spanish. You need to purchase the language specific Text to Speech voice you require. Windows Vista includes a great natural sounding voice named "Microsoft Anna". Microsoft Anna is an English speaking voice thus only speaks English.

Text to Speech web browser software reads any text in the text area. Select from a list of installed voices which voice to use

You can export text within a web page to MP3 files for later playback on your MP3 player. Simply select text from the web page, select a TTS voice and click on the MP3 export button.

Export text to mp3

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