Learn Spanish - The weather (El Tiempo).

On this page you will find a list of common Spanish words and phrases related to the weather. The Spanish words and phrases include authentic Spanish audio files for you to practice your pronunciation. You will also find images related to the words or phrases that will assist you in the learning and memorizing process.

It is sunny
hace sol

it is cold
hace frío

it is sunny
está soleado

it is freezing
está helando

it is raining
está lloviendo

it is cloudy
está nublado

it is snowing
está nevando

there are clouds
hay nubes

it is foggy
hay niebla


it is hot
hace calor

el viento

es de noche

it is very windy
hace mucho viento

la nieve

it has been raining the whole day
lleva lloviendo todo el día

la lluvia

the water has frozen
el agua se ha congelado

there is frost
hay escarcha

es de día

it rains

it is dark
está oscuro

it snows

the countryside is covered in frost
el campo está cubierto de escarcha

there is a storm
hay tormenta

tomorrow it is going to snow
mañana va a nevar


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