On this page you will find many day-to-day useful phrases you can use when we talk about offering, accepting and declining. You can expect to make use of most of these phrases in everyday life.


do you want/would you like a sweet?
¿quieres un caramelo?

do you want/would you like a pastry?
¿quieres un pastel?

do you want/would you like a coffee?
¿quieres un café?

do you feel like a bit of...?
¿te apetece un poco de...?

do you feel like something to drink/to eat?
¿te apetece tomar algo?

do you feel like a piece of cake?
¿te apetece un trozo de tarta?

do you feel like a slice of chorizo?
¿te apetece una rodaja de chorizo?

do you feel like a portion/a helping of...?
¿te apetece una tapa de..?

shall I bring you something to eat/drink?
¿te traigo algo de comer/beber?

would you like a sweet?
¿te apetece un caramelo?


yes, thanks
sí, gracias

ok, thanks
vale, gracias

no, thanks
no, gracias

no, not now, thanks
no, ahora no, gracias

no, thanks, I don't feel like it now
no, gracias, es que ahora no me apetece

no, thank you, I'm fine
no, gracias, estoy bien.

no, thank you, I don't feel like anything
no, gracias, no me apetece nada.

yes, please, bring me a glass of water
sí, por favor, tráeme un vaso de agua.

oh! yes, thanks
ah! sí, gracias

Oh! not now, thanks
uy! no, ahora no, gracias

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