On this page you will find a great list of useful and common Spanish words and phrases related to household work or chores. Although many of us won’t want to actually implement what we are going to learn here, the vocabulary is important and useful for all. The Spanish words and phrases include authentic Spanish audio files for you to practice your pronunciation. You will also find images related to the words or phrases that will assist you in the learning and memorizing process.

make the bed
hacer la cama


to vacuum
pasar la aspiradora

do the dusting
limpiar el polvo

wash the car
lavar el coche

take the rubbish out
sacar la basura

clean the windows
limpiar los cristales

do the washing-up
fregar los platos

mop the floor
fregar el suelo

water the plants
regar las plantas


do the washing
lavar la ropa

to lay the table
poner la mesa

to clean up the table
quitar la mesa

to iron

do the shopping
hacer la compra

to polish the shoes
limpiar los zapatos

to change the sheets
cambiar las sábanas

feed the pets
dar de comer a las mascotas

walk the dog
pasear al perro

clean the bathroom
limpiar el cuarto de baño

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